Elizabeth Braunlin, MD, PhD

Elizabeth Braunlin, MD, PhD
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Pediatric Specialty Care Explorer Clinic
East Building, 12th Floor
2450 Riverside Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55454

Philosophy of Care:

I work closely with families to ensure they understand and are prepared to deal with the special issues that are part of the transplant experience.

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Best Doctors in America®, 2009-2010


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Braunlin EA.  Rose AG.  Hopwood JJ.  Candel RD.  Krivit W. Department of Pediatrics, University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Coronary artery patency following long-term successful engraftment 14 years after bone marrow transplantation in the Hurler syndrome. American Journal of Cardiology. 88(9):1075-7, 2001.

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Braunlin EA.  Hunter DW.  Krivit W.  Burke BA.  Hesslein PS.  Porter PT. Whitley CB., Department of Pediatrics, University of Minnesota Hospital and Clinic, Minneapolis 55455. Evaluation of coronary artery disease in the Hurler syndrome by angiography. American Journal of Cardiology. 69(17):1487-9, 1992.

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