Lin Yee Chen, MD

Lin Yee Chen, MD
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University of Minnesota Health Heart Care - Minneapolis
Clinics and Surgery Center
909 Fulton St. SE
Floor 3
Minneapolis MN 55455

Philosophy of Care:

I believe in providing comprehensive and evidence-based cardiac electrophysiology care to my patients.

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Research Interests:

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(8) Sidik N, Quay C, Loh FC, Chen LY. Prevalence of Brugada Sign and Syndrome in Patients Presenting with Arrhythmic Symptoms to a Heart Rhythm Clinic in Singapore. Europace 2009; 11(5): 650-656.;

(9) Brauch K, Chen LY, Olson TM. Comprehensive Scanning of LMNA in 268 Patients with Lone Atrial Fibrillation. Am J Cardiol 2009; 103: 1426-1428.;

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