Daniel Duprez, MD, PhD

Daniel Duprez, MD, PhD
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University of Minnesota Health Heart Care - Minneapolis
Clinics and Surgery Center
909 Fulton St. SE
Floor 3
Minneapolis MN 55455

Philosophy of Care:

I am dedicated to helping to improve early detection of cardiovascular disease and consequently trying to look for new effective therapeutic approaches to educate these strategies on a national and international level.

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Academic Appointments:



Clinical Interests:

Languages Spoken:


Board Certifications:

Jan-Frans Heymans Prize, period 1986-1987 of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium

Prize Foundation Prof. Dr. G. Verdonck 1997-1999 of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium

Prize of the Foundation Dr Karel-Lodewijk Verleysen, period 1998-2001 of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium

Fellow of the American Heart Association; Fellow of the American College of Cardiology

Fellow of the American Society of Hypertension; Member of the National Lipid Association; Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology

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