Sixto Guiang, MD

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Peer-reviewed Articles
Kannan MS, Guiang SF III, Johnson DE. Nitric oxide: Biologic role and clinical uses. Indian J Pediatr 65(3):333-345, 1998.

Guiang SF III, Merchant JR, Eaton MA, Fandel KB, Georgieff MK. Intracardiac iron distribution in newborn guinea pigs following isolated and combined fetal hypoxemia and fetal iron deficiency. Can J Physiol Pharm 76(9): 930-936, 1999.

Cornfield DN, Maynard RC, deRegnier RA, Guiang SF III, Barbato JE, Milla CE. Randomized controlled trial of low dose inhaled notric oxide in the treatment of term and near term infants with respiratory failure and pulmonary hypertension. Pediatrics 104:1089-1094, 1999.

Guiang SF III, Sipple DP, Georgieff MK. Chronic neonatal hypoxemia increases cardiac myoglobin and is associated with presentation of in vitro myocardial contractility in iron-deficient guinea pigs. Pediatr Res 45:283A, 1999.

Premer DM, Robison L, Georgieff MK, Guiang SF III. A trial of ECMO for infants with congenital diaphragmatic hernia: How long is long enough? Pediatr Res 47:427A, 2000.

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