Joshua Bodie, MD

Joshua Bodie, MD
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Urology Clinic at the Clinics and Surgery Center
909 Fulton St. SE
Minneapolis MN 55455

Philosophy of Care:

I treat patients as I would expect to be treated and  focus on education.  Patients are more satisfied and outcomes more successful. Treatment decisions should be dictated by discussions between the physician and patient.  Patients must  be closely involved in the decision-making process. I am mindful of the financial burden infertility can place on a couple and my goal is to help couples conceive in the most natural, cost-effective manner while being mindful of patient's wishes.

Medical Title:

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Board Certifications:

Köhler TS, Kim J, Feia K, Bodie J, Johnson N, Makhlouf A, Monga M. Prevalence of androgen deficiency in men with erectile dysfunction. Urology. 2008 Apr;71(4):693-7. Epub 2008 Mar 3.

Bodie J., Monga, M. : Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction (Review Paper) Int J Psychiatry Med. 2003;33(3):273-93.

Bodie, J., Monga, M.: Laboratory Evaluation of Erectile Dysfunction: An evidence-based approach. J Urol. 2003 Jun;169(6):2262-4.

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