Dana Johnson, MD, PhD

Philosophy of Care:

Dr. Johnson is an experienced investigator in the field of pulmonary neuroendocrine cell biology. He is also interested in the health care and developmental status of international adoptees.

Medical Title:

Academic Appointments:



Clinical Interests:

Languages Spoken:


Board Certifications:

Best Doctors in America®, 2009-2010

Best Doctors in America®, 2007-2008

DeWitt Wallace International Fellowship at Karawa and Loko, Zaire Bacaner Research Award (Best Thesis-Anatomy, University of Minnesota)

Service Award, Joint Council for International Children’s Services

Friend of Children Award, North American Council on Adoptable Children, 2002

Johnson DE. Adoption and the Effect on Children's Development. Early Hum Dev 68:39-44, 2002.

Kroupina MG, Iverson SL, Gunnar MR, Johnson DE. Social and communication skills of post-instutionalized children. Pediatr Res 51:20A, 2002.

Johnson DE, Federici RS, Tabaxaru C, Health Care Volunteers. Incidence of Hepatitis B and C and HIV in older children and adolescents institutionalized since birth. Pediatr Res 51:152A, 2002.

Johnson DE, Mason P, Federici RS, Tabacaru C, Health Care Bolunteers. Pre- and post- pubertal growth in profoundly deprived, institutionalized children. Pediatr Res 51:192A, 2002.

Iverson SL, Dole KN, Schell-Frank D, McDaid M, Johnson DE. Use of a group home for deinstitutionalized older Romanian children after a lifetime of institutional care. Pediatr Res 51:195A, 2002.

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