Kathy Gromer, MD

Kathy Gromer, MD
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Minnesota Lung Center - Minneapolis
920 E 28th St Ste 700
Minneapolis MN 55407



Board Certifications:

"Best Doctors for Women" Minnesota Monthly Magazine  2011

Gromer K.R., J.R. Yankaskas, H. Pope, J.M. Wilson, and M.C. Iannuzzi.  A system to study transduced genes in human respiratory epithelial cells during repopulation of denuded rat tracheal grafts.  Am.Rev.Resp.Dis. 141:A354, 1990

Gromer K.R., E. Oliver, and J.D. Calvet.  Small Nuclear RNAs: Cloning the human small nuclear RNA U6 gene.  Kansas Medical Soc.J. (s) 33 M BCHM, 1982


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