Jay Cohn, MD

Jay Cohn, MD
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University of Minnesota Health Heart Care - Minneapolis
Clinics and Surgery Center
909 Fulton St. SE
Floor 3
Minneapolis MN 55455

Philosophy of Care:

Dr. Cohn has concentrated on developing cardiovascular assessment and therapy procedures, and written extensively about hypertension, congestive heart failure, vascular compliance and other related topics. 

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Board Certifications:

New York State College Scholarship (competitive);

New York State Medical School Scholarship (competitive); Annual Award,

New York State Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation, 1955;

Alpha Omega Alpha, Cornell University Medical College, 1955;

Arthur S. Flemming Award, Federal Government Service, 1969;

Distinguished Service Award, American Heart Association, 1982;

William S. Harvey Award, 1987; Sir Thomas Lauder Brunton Award, 1988;

The 400 Best Doctors in America, Good Housekeeping, 1992, 1996;

The 250 Top Doctors in Twin City Area, Minneapolis-St Paul Magazine, 1992;

Listed in Best Doctors in America, 1992-1999,

Woodward/White, Inc.; Medical Alley Award for Outstanding Contribution in Research and Development, 1993;

Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare; The Best Doctors in America: Central Region 1996-1997;

Discovery Award, New Jersey Affiliate American Heart Association, 1998;

Scientific Councils' Distinguished Achievement Award, American Heart Association, 1998;

Council on High Blood Pressure Research (AHA) - Novartis Award in Hypertension Research, 2000;

International Scientist of the Year – 2003, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, U.K.;

Arrigo Recordati International Prize for Scientific Research: Lifetime Achievement in Heart Failure, 2003;

Ignacio Chavez Medal of Honor, Interamerican Society of Heart Failure, Acapulco, 2003;

Lifetime Achievement in Research, Henry Ford Forum on Heart Failure, Detroit, Michigan, 2003;

Academic Health Center Academy for Excellence in Health Research, University of Minnesota, 2003;

James B. Herrick Award, American Heart Association, 2003;

American College of Cardiology, Distinguished Scientist Award (Clinical Domain), 2005;

Heart Failure Society of America Lifetime Achievement Award, 2006;

Clinical Scholar Award, University of Minnesota, 2006; Mastership, American College of Physicians, 2007;

Alumni Association Award of Distinction, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, 2007;

International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences Life Achievement Award, 2009;

Distinguished Scientist Award, American Heart Association, 2010

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Cohn JN, Goldstein S, Greenberg BH, Lorell BH, Bourge RC, Jaski BE, Gottlieb SO, McGrew, III, F, DeMets DL, White BG, for the Vesnarinone Trial Investigators: A dose-dependent increase in mortality with vesnarinone among patients with severe heart failure. NEJM 1998;339:1810-1816;

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