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Frequently Asked Questions: Cystic Fibrosis Program

Q: Why should I use Fairview Specialty Pharmacy for my cystic fibrosis

A: Fairview Specialty Pharmacy’s Cystic Fibrosis Program is designed to help
you take your medications successfully, and make this as convenient and easy
as possible. Our refill reminder program ensures that you won’t run out of
medications or have to pick them up.

Being part of the team of clinicians who provide care for cystic fibrosis
patients at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview, allows us
to better understand and meet your special needs. In addition, our location
at the medical center enables us to link you to ongoing research in the field of
cystic fibrosis taking place here.

Q: What medications does the Fairview Specialty Pharmacy carry?

A: Fairview Specialty Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy. We can refill all of your
medicines, including prescriptions from any doctor, whether for cystic fibrosis or
any other need. Your medicines are always in stock and will be shipped to arrive
when you need them.

Q: Is Fairview Specialty Pharmacy a provider with my insurance plan?

A: Fairview Specialty Pharmacy accepts most insurance plans, Medicare and state
medical assistance. If we do not yet participate in your insurance plan, we will
apply to become a provider with that plan.

Q: How do I begin using Fairview Specialty Pharmacy?

A: Your Cystic Fibrosis clinic will give you a choice of pharmacies. Once you
choose Fairview Specialty Pharmacy, the clinic will notify the pharmacy and
order your first prescriptions.

Q: Once I’ve enrolled, how do I get my prescriptions to Fairview
Specialty Pharmacy?

A: Your physician will call or fax in your prescriptions. Fairview Specialty
Pharmacy will call you a week before you need a refill to find out what you
need to re-order.

Q: Can I transfer prescriptions to Fairview Specialty Pharmacy?

A: Yes. To transfer a prescription, simply call us at 612-672-5260.

Q: How do I place an order for a refill?

A. We will contact you for a refill one week before a medication runs out. You
only need to call us if you are down to a 5-day supply and have not yet heard
from us. You can reach us at 612-672-5260. If a prescription has expired or
has run out of refills, we will contact the prescribing physician to obtain a
new prescription for you.

Q: How will I be billed for my medications/order?

A. We will bill primary, secondary and tertiary insurance plans whenever possible. We can accept your copayments by credit card or electronic funds transfer. Each month you will receive a statement detailing insurance and customer

Q: What other benefits and services does Fairview Specialty Pharmacy provide?

A: Fairview Specialty Pharmacy provides personalized service that makes it
surprisingly easy to get and take your medications. Our advantages include:

  • Personal attention
  • One pharmacy for all your prescriptions
  • Close collaboration with your physician
  • Monthly reminder phone calls
  • Insurance billing assistance
  • Nationwide service
  • Free shipping

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