Recyclable Starch-Based Cooler Panels

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Starch-based shipping packaging (left) for medicines is better for patients and our environment. Polystyrene (right) takes hundreds of years to decompose in landfills.

Fairview Pharmacy Services has partnered with StarchTech for the non-toxic biodegradable cooler panels we use with most shipments of medications that require temperature control. Our new cooler panels are made with renewable resources, provide insulation equivalent to traditional polystyrene coolers, and are manufactured in the United States.

If you receive a shipment with the biodegradable cooler panels, you can dispose of them in two environmentally friendly ways:
  • Compost them in residential composting settings such as your backyard or home compost, in industrial compost, or by residential pickup if available. Find your local composter.
  • Recycle them with paper and corrugated materials. Recycling requirements may vary by area; contact your local recycler or waste hauler to confirm.

About the panels
The cooler panels are made with Green Cell FoamTM, a renewable corn starch material that offers a sustainable solution for thermal shipping materials. Green Cell Foam meets meets the American Society for Testing and Materials’ standards for biodegradability (ASTM  D6400-04 and D6868).

By using these starch-based cooler panels, Fairview is able to prevent 65,000 polystyrene coolers per year from entering our communities’ waste stream.

A partnership with our community
To assemble these coolers, we partnered with Merrick Inc., a local non-profit that employs adults with developmental disabilities. Crews consisting of clients and job coaches assemble the boxes and insert the starch panels before shipment.

Learn more about the starch-based material that our biodegradable cooler panels are made from.

Learn more about environmental sustainability at Fairview.

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