Polystyrene Cooler Recycling and Reuse Options

Fairview Specialty Pharmacy ships some specialty drugs in polystyrene coolers. We provide the following options for recycling or reusing the coolers.

Customers can recycle the polystyrene shipping coolers by bringing them to a designated “drop off” location or mailing them to a designated “mail-back” location. All locations are shown at the EPS Industry Alliance’s Recycle your EPS web page.

Another option is to keep the coolers and reuse them for another purpose. Here are some creative ways to reuse the coolers:
  • Going on a road trip? Reuse the cooler to keep your beverages and snacks cold. Ask your neighbors if they need one too!
  • Need to send something? Break down the cooler into small pieces to use as packaging material– it acts just like packing peanuts! Or, ask the nearest shipping center if they can reuse the material for packaging.
  • Bring it to your local craft store: Styrofoam can be used for a variety of projects.
  • Ask your local bait shop it they want these coolers to send their bait home to their customers.
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