FAQs for PreferredOne members - Fairview Specialty Pharmacy

Who is Fairview Specialty Pharmacy?
Just as you have a physician who is a specialist, it makes sense to have a pharmacist who is a specialist in your medication needs.

What are Specialty Medications?
Specialty medications include most drug products that you inject yourself, plus certain oral drugs that can be challenging to manage.

How do I get them?
Fairview Specialty Pharmacy will deliver specialty medications at the time and place you need them – including your home, work or other convenient location.

How often will the pharmacy call me?
To make sure you never run out of your medications, Fairview Specialty Pharmacy staff will call you 5 to 7 days before your prescription refill is due.

Will it cost me any more?
No. Fairview Specialty Pharmacy provides drugs at the same copay and deductible as any other pharmacy in the PreferredOne network.
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