Medication Therapy Management for Employee Health Plan Sponsors

A value-based benefit that contributes to Total Organizational Healthsm

Fairview Pharmacy's Medication Therapy Management (MTM) helps people manage their chronic health conditions and get the most from their medicines. Our virtual and in-person service capabilities bring the proven benefits and cost savings of MTM to your organization and its employees, no matter where they are located. See our video.

We developed MTM in 1997 in partnership with the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy. Since then, we have cared for more than 20,000 patients and resolved over 145,000 medication-related problems, avoiding at least 30,000 costly health care events such as hospitalizations, clinic visits and emergency room visits. Organizations that have utilized Fairview MTM include the City of Duluth; the State of Minnesota; Medica; and Fairview Health Services.

Financial and Clinical Outcomes
Patient-centered MTM services can bring 3 to 1 or better return on investment (ROI) while dramatically increasing the number of participants who are reaching their health goals. In a study conducted with BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota, Fairview MTM showed a 12 to 1 ROI when comparing the overall health care costs of patients receiving MTM to matched patients who did not.

MTM in Brief
Fairview MTM is a preventive solution for people with chronic conditions who are using multiple medications. The MTM pharmacist works individually with each patient and their other health care providers to help them manage their medications better and achieve their therapy goals. The MTM pharmacist confirms the purpose for each medication the patient is taking, ensures the safest and most effective dosages and makes sure the patient is compliant.

MTM results in healthier patients and a reduced demand for health care resources. Employers benefit from significant savings on overall health care costs and improved productivity.

Implementation Services
Fairview offers complete services to implement MTM for your organization, including:
  • Pharmacist consultations by webcam, phone or face-to-face
  • Operational management
  • Targeting of qualified employees
  • Employee engagement and communications
  • Development of incentive programs
  • Clinical outcomes reporting

Contact us
  • Order your copy of the BlueCross BlueShield study documenting a 12 to 1 return on MTM investment.
  • Call us at 612-672-5397 or e-mail us at to learn more about how MTM can deliver cost reductions to your health plan while improving the health and well-being of your employees.
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