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Fairview MyChart - Frequently asked questions

What is MyChart?
MyChart is secure online access to an electronic version of your medical record. It is designed to enhance your medical care by giving you better access to your medical record information.

Is MyChart Secure?
Yes. MyChart is a secure site and provides encrypted communication in full compliance with State and Federal requirements. Access is granted only to users that have registered with their health care clinic and have completed an authorization form. Access to your health information in MyChart is secured by your personalized ID and password, known only to you.

How do I get MyChart access?
You may sign up for MyChart by completing an authorization form at your next clinic visit. Or, you may call you primary care clinic. Sign and return the form by mail or by dropping it off at the clinic. If you have any questions about filling out the form contact your clinic’s MyChart representative. When the clinic receives your form, you will be mailed your access code.

May I access my children’s medical records?
Yes. You are granted full authority by proxy to access your child’s medical chart if your child is between the ages of 0-12. If your child is between the ages of 13-17 you will be granted partial access to his or her record. These age ranges comply with the state regulations, MN. Statute 144.292, designed to protect minors who seek treatment for pregnancy, chemical abuse and sexually transmitted diseases. For further information on access to your child’s medical records please contact the MyChart representative at your primary care clinic.

May I give others access to my records?
Yes. You can grant a spouse, or someone who helps you manage your health, secured web-based access to portions of your electronic medical record. Ask your clinic’s MyChart representative for more information.

Will there be any charges for using MyChart?
Currently, there are no fees to use MyChart. However, some insurance companies offer on-line E-visits services, through programs like MyChart. E-visits will be treated like a regular office visit and your insurance company would be billed for them as such. In addition, your insurance company may require that you pay a co-pay for E-visits. Check with your insurance company to see if they have plans to offer E-visits through programs like MyChart.

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