Fairview Ridges Hospital patient stories
Our patients are incredibly important to us and know us best. They have firsthand experience with our staff and services, so we'll let you hear from them about what it is like to experience Fairview.

Tiergan's story

Hip replacement surgery patient Tiergan Caléy is thrilled with the full suite of care she received at Fairview Ridges Hospital.

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Erica - Endometriosis: Knowing is half the battle.

When Erica was diagnosed with endometriosis, it meant that some of her precious time would now need to be spent in a doctor’s office. The only way to accurately diagnosis endometriosis is to undergo exploratory surgery. There is no cure, although the condition can be treated with medicine, surgery, or hormone therapy.

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Josh - Emergency appendectomy is no sweat for 13-year-old

Josh is a tough 13-year-old, and like many kids his age, he’s big into playing sports. In baseball, he covers the middle infield – diving for grounders at shortstop and second base. In football, he typically plays defensive end – where his main job is to put pressure on quarterbacks and stop the run.

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Becki - A positive outlook after a double mastectomy and radiation treatments.

Married with three children, 41-year-old Becki was busy keeping up with everyday life last summer when she noticed a lump in her breast. Instead of ignoring the lump, she had a mammogram and ultrasound confirming that she had breast cancer. One year after her diagnosis, Becki remains optimistic about her recovery.

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Robyn - Living with hope after successfully battling breast cancer

Fit, active and dedicated to living a healthful lifestyle, Robyn faithfully goes in for her annual health screenings and mammograms. A single mother of two grown children and hospital volunteer, who received troubling news following her annual mammogram four-and-a-half years ago.

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Chris - Chest pain and a visit to the emergency room led to life-saving heart surgery

After experiencing extreme chest pain, Chris was taken to the emergency room where a doctor put Chris through a series of tests and realized he was suffering from a rare aortic dissection—essentially, his aorta was ripping apart from his chest down to his leg (a full 28 inches). 

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