Fairview Ridges Hospital is expanding

Construction includes the largest specialty care center in the region

Fairview Ridges Hospital is excited to be expanding our services to provide even more comprehensive, world-class care to the Minnesota River Valley. Scheduled to be completed in mid 2014, a new state-of-the-art specialty care center will be home to a day surgery and endoscopy center, an imaging center, cardiac rehabilitation, oncology, musculoskeletal services, a retail pharmacy and a durable medical equipment store. The hospital expansion will include a new laboratory, refurbished pediatric unit with larger child- and family-friendly rooms, a new orthopedic spine unit and an observation/outpatient unit.

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New specialty care center
The 133,000 square-foot specialty center will include:

The building also will consolidate our musculoskeletal services now housed in three buildings around campus, including Fairview Sports and Orthopedic Care, the Institute for Athletic Medicine, Fairview Pain Clinic and orthopedic surgeons, as well as chiropractic, orthotic and prosthetic services.

Hospital expansion
In addition to the new specialty center, we are making several improvements/advancements to the existing hospital, including:
  • Relocating the orthopedic/spine unit to a renovated sixth floor, which also will feature a physical therapy gym.
  • Refurbishing the Pediatric Unit: New, semi-private rooms will provide a more patient- and family-friendly environment for pediatric patients.
  • Creating an Observation Unit on the second floor, with treatment areas for patients who need close monitoring without requiring admission to the hospital.
  • Adding onto the first floor. The addition will house a new entryway and a corridor accessing the skyway to the new specialty care center.
  • New laboratory. The laboratory will be more than 30 percent larger than what currently exists.
Road construction
To alleviate truck traffic on Nicollet Boulevard and Fairview Drive that might inconvenience our patients and visitors, the city of Burnsville approved a new traffic plan that includes the building of temporary roads to keep construction traffic off Nicollet Blvd. and Fairview Drive. Construction trucks will approach and leave the south side of Fairview Ridges via a new entrance and exit to Arthur Terrace.

Parking information
A new patient parking ramp will be constructed on the south side of the hospital. It will be three levels and hold 300 parking stalls. All parking on our campus will remain free for patients and visitors.

To accommodate the increased need for free and convenient patient parking, we are gradually moving employee parking across the street, next to Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. Because of increased pedestrian traffic in the crosswalk across Nicollet Blvd., measures are being taken to improve pedestrian and motor vehicle safety. This includes the installation of two new crosswalks connecting the hospital and Prince of Peace with pedestrian-controlled, rectangular rapid-flashing beacons (RRFB).
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