Meditation Sanctuary

Elsie O. Mitchell Meditation Sanctuary

About the meditation sanctuary
Fairview was founded in 1906 by Norwegian Lutherans who shared a mission of caring for their fellow immigrants and the greater community. Inspired by a foundation of grace and inclusivity the Elsie O. Mitchell Meditation Sanctuary is intended as a shelter for all who seek comfort and peace. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to patients, their families, volunteers and guests.

Come . . .
Into sacred space.
Find rest.
Seek inspiration.
Journey inward.

A space of healing and rest
The Elsie O. Mitchell Meditation Sanctuary includes symbolic elements common to many faiths and traditions.

Prayer wall
Inspired by the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, this prayer wall is a reminder of the spirit that connects us all. It is a sign of our common humanity, a shelter to gather our hopes, fears, laments and joys.

Meet the heart of God. Let go, offer up, release.

Fire element
Fire symbolizes Divine presence, community and passion. We experience this sacred fire through belonging, inner peace and wisdom.

Gather near the fire and radiate its warmth.

Water element
Water symbolizes life, renewal and healing. Find rest beside the still waters.

Listen…receive…be refreshed.

Walking the labyrinth is an ancient spiritual practice that invites us to journey inward.

Walk the sacred path with openness. Reflect. Surrender. Embrace the mystery. Listen for the spirit within.

About Elsie O. Mitchell
A dedicated volunteer, Elsie O. Mitchell brightened the day of everyone she met at Fairview Southdale Hospital and found personal fulfillment in volunteering at the hospital. Inspired by her experience as a volunteer and later as a patient, she wanted to give something back to the hospital. Through her generosity of spirit, she made this place of peace and renewal possible.
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