Fairview Southdale Hospital patient stories
Our patients are incredibly important to us and know us best. They have firsthand experience with our staff and services, so we'll let you hear from them about what it is like to experience Fairview.
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Joan - A regular mammogram appointment may have saved her life

As a registered nurse, Joan knows the importance of mammograms. From age 35, she’s scheduled an annual screening. In 2008, Joan received a letter instructing her to go for more tests—a mass had been detected in the preliminary screening. Initially, Joan’s doctor thought it was fibrocystic, but a biopsy showed otherwise. 

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Molly - "Amazed" by the quality of care she received when delivering her second child

Molly’s C-section was successful without any complications—she delivered a healthy baby girl named Lily. After Lily was born, Molly was also able to take advantage of the inpatient lactation experience that is offered at The Birthplace.

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Deanne - Suffers from a condition causing excessive drowsiness

The cause is unknown. It’s not due to sleep deprivation, disturbed sleep, insomnia or sleep apnea. She has had a hard time getting out of bed since high school, but the disease got much worse recently. Deanne was sleeping up to 9 hours a night during the week, and up to 13 hours on weekends -- and was still tired!

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Chris - Spine surgery helped him regain his ability to walk

The doctors admitted Chris overnight for observation. The next day, his legs became numb, he lost feeling in his feet and became paralyzed from the waist down. The doctors talked to Chris about several different potential diagnoses—some entailed permanent paralysis and some were even terminal.

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Ron - Pain-free and back to his active life after two hip replacements

Ron's doctor confirmed the presence of arthritis and started Cortisone injections to help with the pain. Unfortunately, the injections became less and less effective and within several months, Ron was told that he would need to have a hip replacement, a procedure which changed his life for the better.

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Beatrice - Vein surgery stopped the pain and got her moving again

Despite having severe pain in her right leg and foot, it took some coaxing from her daughter before Beatrice was ready to explore treatment. She began having trouble walking and experienced almost constant pain, often having to stand during the night to get relief from her foot pain.

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Teresa - Weight loss is a lifelong journey and there will always be challenges

Like so many other people who struggle to lose weight, Teresa tried many different things. When her search led her to Southdale and she met with Dr. Benn and his staff, she appreciated the comfortable atmosphere and the way their staff helped to simplify the whole process for her. From preparation to surgery to follow-up, they offered support every

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Sherry - Lost more than 100 pounds and feels younger than she did 10 years ago

While never big in high school, once she was done with college, Sherry quickly became busy with her marriage, job and taking care of her two daughters. Once she started gaining weight, she stopped looking in mirrors, avoided photos and fun activities.

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Melinda - No longer uncomfortable and self-conscious about her weight

Melinda can recall the exact day and moment that she decided she needed to lose weight - not just for looks - but for her life.

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