Teresa's weight loss journey


Teresa remembers feeling scared.

When she first met with Dr. Paul Benn, general surgeon at the Weight Loss Clinic at Fairview Southdale Hospital, she was afraid and wondered whether she was making the right decision. She worried about the risks and how the outcomes would affect her husband and four kids. But when Dr. Benn reassured her that he would take care of her, Teresa knew she was in the right place.

Like so many other people who struggle to lose weight, Teresa tried many different things. When her search led her to Southdale and she met with Dr. Benn and his staff, she liked it so much she didn’t want to look any further. She appreciated the small, intimate atmosphere and the way their staff helped to simplify the whole process for her. From preparation to surgery to follow-up, they offered support every step of the way.

Five years later, Teresa has had weight loss success but still finds value in her support groups. She knows it’s a life-long journey and there will always be challenges, but the Weight Loss Clinic offers ongoing tools that continue to set her up for ongoing success.

“You know how you have your work family? Well, at Fairview Southdale, I have my weight-loss surgery family.”

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