Increase movement and decrease pain with vein surgery

Treatment for Peripheral Artery Disease gets Beatrice up and moving again

Despite having severe pain in her right leg and foot, due to peripheral artery disease (PAD), it took some coaxing from her daughter before Beatrice was ready to explore treatment. In 2007, Beatrice began having trouble walking—even short distances—and would have to stop frequently to rest her leg. She experienced almost constant pain in her right foot and often had to stand during the night to get relief from her foot pain.

“I learned about a PAD presentation at Fairview Southdale Hospital,” says Janet, Beatrice’s daughter, “and mom and I went.” Janet says that Timothy Gavin, MD, gave a very informative talk on PAD and discussed possible treatments and surgical procedures that can help. “We made an appointment to learn more,” says Janet.

Dr. Gavin performed an angiogram to determine where and how advanced the blockages were in Beatrice’s legs. Her right leg showed severe blockage and she was scheduled for a bypass graft procedure, which eliminated the pain in that leg.
“We felt very confident at all times with Dr. Gavin,” Janet explains. “He always took the time to explain everything he would be doing and answer all of the questions that Mom or I had regarding her condition and upcoming surgery. Mom continues to see him yearly for follow up and monitoring of her left leg blockage.”

Two years later, the pain in Beatrice’s left leg began to increase. After performing ultrasounds and treadmill stress testing, Dr. Gavin decided it was time to intervene. This time he performed an endartectomy on Beatrice, which involves making an incision and removing plaque from the vein. This procedure also resulted in pain relief for Beatrice.

“I am so pleased with my care,” says Beatrice. “Thanks to Dr. Gavin, I am able to walk without leg pain and I really appreciate all that he has been able to do for me.”

Announcing the new Vascular Health Center at Fairview Southdale Hospital  

Problems with arteries and veins (vascular system) are common; however, left untreated, vascular diseases can be life threatening. The new Vascular Health Center at Fairview Southdale Hospital, scheduled to open December 2013, will offer the best vascular treatment options and disease management in one location.

Our vascular medicine specialists, vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists, cardiologists and diagnostic imaging specialists work together to provide seamless, coordinated care. Our goal is to make your first experience with our team as simple as possible. Often, we will schedule tests and share results and the next steps in the same day. Visit for more information.  
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