Expert Care from Miles Away

Almost 2,000 miles separated Bob Steele from his 101-year-old mother, Wilma.

After she fell in her apartment, and was transported to the emergency department at Fairview Ridges Hospital, neither the 28-hour drive nor the four-hour flight from San Diego to Minnesota would have been fast enough to reunite mother and son at the hospital.

Luckily, Wilma was the in the hands of the dedicated and thoughtful care team.

“She was alone, probably more frightened than she'd admit, and at her age, not fully appreciative of what was happening,” says Bob. “Fairview's ER staff, particularly Dr. Brian Goodman, was understanding and helpful to a degree rarely seen in modern medical practice.”

Following her initial treatment in the ER, and the determination that she sustained a pelvic fracture, Wilma was admitted to the hospital. She was there for three days before being transferred to rehabilitation.

Because of the distance, Bob was unable to be by his mother’s side, but the Fairview Ridges staff did whatever they could to keep him informed and updated on her well-being.

“Dr. Goodman took the time to phone several times to provide status reports,” says Bob. “Through these conversations, I learned that he and the ER staff had taken special care to explain things to my mother so that she felt relatively comfortable in a difficult situation.”

Bob says present day hospitals can sometimes feel busy, impersonal and scary, especially for a patient who is 101-years-old and injured. Fairview Ridges staff not only made those fears go away, but shed a new light on just how amazing care can be.

“When the ER staff expended significant effort to make my mother comfortable and to keep us informed, I felt kudos were in order for a job well done,” he says. “It seems there are a great many people willing to write or phone to complain, but I prefer to send a compliment when there's reason, and there was plenty of reason in the case of my mother.”
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