All the Care She Needed, in One Place

Hip replacement surgery patient

From the nurses to her in-house physical therapy physicians, Tiergan Caléy knew the moment she set foot in Fairview Ridges Hospital, she would be receiving excellent care.

“It felt like a real well-oiled machine,” she said. “Everyone was so involved and there was such passion. I could tell that this was a very well-thought out program.”

Caléy, who suffered from excruciating pain caused by arthritis, had hip replacement surgery at the Burnsville hospital in April and said every step of the way, the staff was there to help. She conveniently received the full suite of her services all at Fairview Ridges Hospital, including her physical therapy.

Caléy came to the hospital after learning about Joseph Nemanich, MD, an orthopedic surgeon who works with various conditions including cartilage and ligament injuries, arthritis and fractures. She spoke highly of her surgeon, praising the ease of the operation but also his willingness to communicate with her and walk her through the procedure.

“He was just absolutely remarkable,” she said. “There’s trepidation anyway going into surgery, so anyone considering an operation at Fairview Ridges Hospital—you’re in good hands with Dr. Nemanich!”

Caléy is no stranger to pain: She has been in a near-fatal car accident and had other surgeries, but the hip pain caused by her arthritis was “insufferable,” she said. “I’ve been very active throughout my life and [the pain] was limiting my life.” She eventually wound up finding Nemanich after being referred from her primary provider and realizing that their fathers, both physicians, had worked together in the past.

Together with her recovery team, Caléy was home just three days after her procedure, one of the many reasons she’s quick to point out that her skilled surgeon was only one piece of her comprehensive recovery team. And while she said she was very disciplined in her physical therapy—thanks to years of yoga, classical ballet and ice skating—Caléy said the support of the medical staff at Fairview Ridges Hospital, before and after her procedure, was crucial to a successful recovery.

“You have to work at it,” she said. “And everybody encouraged you and supported you. You could tell they cared.”

Caléy is now back home, regaining her strength and walking as much as possible. She wrote to the hospital after she returned home to thank all of the staff, everyone from her on-site physicians to the housekeeping staff. Growing up in a medical family, Caléy said she has developed a keen eye for quality medical care.

“Two words come to mind when I think about my time at Fairview Ridges Hospital: Affability and passion,” she said. “Everyone was so friendly and they cared so deeply about their work. And not just one person—the system as a whole.”
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