Yvonne shares her orthopedic surgery story

Yvonne and Steve Temes of Lindstrom are very familiar with orthopedic surgery. Between the two of them they’ve had four joint replacement surgeries in three years…three knees and one hip. All four surgeries were performed at Fairview Lakes Medical Center by Nicholas Weiss, MD, of St. Croix Orthopaedics, PA.

Yvonne's story

My name is Yvonne Temes and I live in Lindstrom, Minnesota, where I work three days a week in an optometrist’s office. My husband, Steve, is retired.

I’ve been healthy all my life. Before my knee replacements, I never had any surgeries. I never had anything! I exercised and swam for 17 years. I take vitamins and try to eat right, but I do have a history of arthritis in my family.

I first noticed problems with my knees shortly before we moved into our house in 2008. Moving was a lot of work—a lot of going up and down stairs. My knee was bad and kept getting steadily worse over the next couple of years. My family physician at the Fairview Clinic in Chisago City referred me to Dr. Weiss. First, I tried doing the cortisone shots. You can have three shots in one year, and when I had done that and it no longer helped, I knew it was time to have the surgery but still I put it off.

Then I woke up one morning and couldn’t put my heel down without excruciating pain. I couldn’t wait to have the surgery. We rushed to see Dr. Weiss and his staff made every effort to get me in for surgery as soon as they could. Never having had surgery before, I was apprehensive, but it went really, really good.

They did it on a Thursday and I went home on Sunday. Because I already attend a local fitness center for swimming and exercise classes, I had my therapy with the therapists there…just a couple days a week for a couple of weeks, and I was good as new.

I vowed not to wait so long to do my second knee, and I didn’t. I had the second knee, my left one, done in February two years ago. The second knee replacement went even better than the first, because I knew what to expect. With the second knee I had the surgery on Thursday, went home on Saturday and was back at work in two weeks.

We have so much faith in Dr. Weiss that my husband also went to him for his joint replacement surgeries--a hip and a knee in the past two years. Dr. Weiss is very professional and his bedside manner is unbelievable. He’s so kind, and he doesn’t push anything. After he looked at my x-rays, I asked him when I would be having the surgery. He said, I won’t tell you—you’ll tell me…and he was right. When it gets so that you can’t walk anymore without pain, then it’s time.
Hear more about Yvonne's husband Steve and his joint replacement procedures performed at Fairview Lakes Medical Center.
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