Steve's joint replacement story

Steve's story

My name is Steve Temes. I’m retired and live in Lindstrom with my wife Yvonne. We’ve both had two joint replacement surgeries performed at Fairview Lakes Medical Center by Dr Nicholas Weiss. Going into the surgery, I had a history of health problems. As a child, I was hit by a car. The injury resulted in one of my legs being shorter than the other one, which caused me to walk with limp for most of my life.

I have a bad heart. I use a Pacemaker and take the blood thinner Coumadin. I also have mild diabetes and in 2010 had two surgeries for colon cancer.

Despite all these complicating factors, my joint replacement surgeries with Dr. Weiss went very smoothly. I have an awful lot of respect for Dr. Weiss. He did a wonderful job with me.

My left knee was arthritic, and I had torn my meniscus when my knee locked up while I was working out at cardiac rehab. The knee kept getting worse and worse. First we tried arthroscopic surgery. Because of my Pacemaker I can’t have an MRI, so we had to rely on x-rays that didn’t show the full extent of the problem. It turned out that the knee was much worse than he first thought. Shots didn’t work. The only alternative was knee replacement. I had the knee surgery done in March one year ago. I was released from the hospital after two days, and because of the frequent blood testing required for Coumadin I elected to go to recover at a nearby rehab center where I stayed for about 10 days. I have to admit that the rehab was tough, but at last I was able to bend my knee.

I decided to have my hip replaced in December 2012. I’d been limping for years and could hear the hip going in and out. I waited to have my surgery until Dr. Weiss’s assistant Steve Williamson returned from a leave. Steve does all the prepping and stitching. He tells me that the method he uses cuts down on the chances of infection and the scar is like a thin line…you don’t even see it. The hip surgery went so well that I recovered at home, where I used a walker for a day and a cane for one day. Within three days of the surgery I was taking nothing but Tylenol for pain and was back driving a car in two weeks.

My hip is 100 percent! I don’t limp, because during surgery they were able to make sure that both my legs are the same length. I haven’t been able to walking like this in years. My back and sciatic pain are gone. If I had it to do over again, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Learn more about Steve's wife Yvonne, who also had surgery at Fairview Lakes Medical Center.
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