Fairview Lakes Medical Center patient stories
Our patients are incredibly important to us and know us best. They have firsthand experience with our staff and services, so we'll let you hear from them about what it is like to experience care at Fairview Lakes Medical Center.

Joyce - Afraid she was having a heart attack, she rushed to the emergency room

She arrived at the emergency department and was immediately put into a wheelchair and whisked away to a room. The staff, in a matter of seconds, had an IV in her hand and an EKG (electrocardiogram) started. Joyce had never seen a team so in control.

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Priscilla - A routine mammogram led to a cancer diagnosis

After her second mammogram, a radiologist had concerns and scheduled a biopsy. Priscilla was scared but the staff made her comfortable and held her hand throughout the whole process.

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Felicia - A great delivery experience at The Birthplace

Despite arriving at 2 a.m. during a snowstorm and having their daughter delivered by c-section two weeks early, Felicia says she and her husband always felt safe, comfortable and well cared for.

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Rob - After recovering from a heart attack, he has adopted a healthier lifestyle

Rob is 53 years old and never dreamt he’d have a heart attack. While alone, he felt a powerful pain spread across his chest. When the pain didn’t go away, he called his fiance, a former paramedic, who drove him to the Emergency Department at Fairview Lakes Medical Center.

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Yvonne - Had two knee replacement surgeries at Fairview Lakes Medical Center

 Yvonne first noticed problems with her knees as she was moving into a new home. Her knee was bad and kept getting steadily worse over the next few years. When cortisone shots no longer helped, it was time to have the surgery

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Steve - Knee and hip replacement surgery have him feeling much better

Steve had two joint replacement surgeries at Fairview Lakes Medical Center by Dr Nicholas Weiss. Going into his surgery, he had a history of health problems. As a child, Steve was hit by a car which resulted in one of his legs being shorter than the other one and caused him to walk with a limp.

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