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ID Article
1Abdominal Pain
2Anatomy of the Digestive System
3Bacterial Gastroenteritis
4Barium Enema
5Bleeding Peptic Ulcer: Treatment
6Bolus Tube Feeding
8Colorectal Cancer Screening
9Colostomy: Changing Your Pouch
10Common Tests for Liver Disease
11Continuous Tube Feeding
12Cryptosporidium Infection (Cryptosporidiosis)
13Diagnosing Hemorrhoids
14Diagnosing Hepatitis C
15Diet and Lifestyle Tips for IBS
16E Coli Infection
17Eating a High-Fiber Diet
18Esophageal Dilation
19Esophageal Manometry
21Evaluating and Treating Rectal Bleeding
22Foodborne Illness (Food Poisoning)
24Hepatic Angiography
25Hepatitis A (HAV) Infection
26Hepatitis C and HCV Infection
27Hepatitis C: Getting Support
28Hepatitis C: Glossary
29Hepatitis C: Know the Facts
30Hepatitis C: Preventing the Spread
31Hepatitis C: Protecting Your Liver
32Hepatitis C: Should You Get Tested?
33How the Liver Works
35Large Bowel Obstruction
36Lifestyle Changes for Controlling GERD
37Lifestyle Management of Crohn’s Disease
38Liver Biopsy
39Lower GI Endoscopy
40Management of Crohn’s Disease: Medications
41Management of Ulcerative Colitis: Lifestyle
42Management of Ulcerative Colitis: Medications
43Medications for Acid Reflux
44Medications for GERD
45PEG Feeding Tube Care: Flushing
46Peptic Ulcer
47Salmonella Infection (Salmonellosis)
49Small Bowel Obstruction
50Surgery for GERD (Fundoplication)
51Thrombosed Hemorrhoids
52Tips for Lactose Intolerance
53Tips to Control Acid Reflux
54Treating Cirrhosis
55Treating Constipation
56Treating Diarrhea
57Treating Dysphagia
58Treating Gallstones
59Treating Gastritis
60Treating Hemorrhoids: Self-Care
61Treating Hepatitis B (HBV)
62Treating Hepatitis C (HCV)
63Treating Hepatitis C: Medications
64Tube Feeding: Skin and Mouth Care
65Understanding Cirrhosis
66Understanding Colon and Rectal Polyps
67Understanding Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis
68Understanding Dysphagia
69Understanding Gastritis
70Understanding H. pylori and Ulcers
71Understanding Hepatitis B (HBV)
72Understanding Hepatitis C (HCV)
73Understanding Liver Biopsy
74Understanding Pancreatitis
75Understanding PEG Tube Feeding
76Understanding Rectal Bleeding
77Upper GI Endoscopy
78Upper GI Series
79What Are Gallstones?
80What Is a Hiatal Hernia?
81What Is Acid Reflux?
82What Is Barrett Esophagus?
83What Is Colon and Rectal Cancer (Colorectal Cancer)?
84What Is Crohn's Disease?
85What Is GERD?
86What Is IBS?
87What Is Pancreatic Cancer?
88What Is Stomach (Gastric) Cancer?
89What Is Ulcerative Colitis?
90What to Know About Hepatitis C Treatment
91When You Have Gastrointestinal (GI) Bleeding

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