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Urostomy: Using a Night Drainage System

You’ve just had a urostomy. As part of your surgery, a small opening (stoma) was made on your abdomen (belly). Urine and mucus drain from the stoma into a disposable pouch. A night drainage system can be attached to the pouch before you go to bed. This system then collects and stores urine. That way, you can sleep all night without getting up to empty the pouch.

Parts of night drainage system. Night drainage container (bottle or bag) collects and stores urine overnight. Tubing connects night drainage container to pouch. Pouch should be one-quarter full when attached to night drainage system. Adapter may be needed to connect tubing to pouch. Leg strap can keep pouch or tubing from twisting.

Parts of a night drainage system

The parts of a night drainage system are shown above. Some people use a catheter (tube) drainage bag to collect and store the urine overnight. Talk with your WOC nurse or other healthcare provider about what will work best for you.

Setting up the night drainage system

There are several types of night drainage systems. Whichever type you chose, you need to set up the system before connecting it to the pouch. Be sure to do the following:

  • The tubing and the container can come as one piece. But they can also come as two pieces. If they do, put one end of the tubing into the lid of the container. Keep connected until the container must be replaced.

  • Each night, connect the other end of the tubing to your pouch.

  • You may also need an adapter to do this. Most pouches come with such adapters. If you use an adapter, put it on the tubing. Keep the adapter connected until the container must be replaced.

  • Replace the container when it starts to look cloudy or changes color.

At night

The pouch should be about one-fourth full when you attach the drainage system to it at night. This will help get the urine flowing into the tubing from the pouch. To attach the system to your pouch:

  • Place the night drainage container in a basin or a small waste can on the floor next to your bed. This is to keep it from tipping over during the night.

  • Connect the tubing to the pouch.

  • Open the closure on the pouch drain. This way, urine can flow through the tubing.

  • Use a leg strap to keep the tubing next to your thigh. This will help keep the tubing or pouch from twisting.

In the morning

To detach the night drainage system from the pouch each morning:

  • Before detaching the tubing, return the pouch drain to the “closed” position to prevent leakage.

  • Remove the lid from the night drainage container (but keep the tubing in place).

  • Empty the night drainage container’s contents into the toilet.

  • Rinse out the tubing and container with cool water in the bathroom sink or tub.

Cleaning the system

Clean the night drainage system every 2 to 3 days. Follow these steps:

  • Set white vinegar, a measuring cup, and a funnel next to the bathroom sink or tub.

  • Pour 1/4 cup vinegar through the tubing into the night drainage container.

  • Pour 2 cups cool water through the tubing into the container.

  • Let the tubing and container sit for at least 1 hour. Then, empty the contents into the toilet.

  • Rinse out the tubing and container with cool water.

  • Let the tubing and container air-dry.

  • Replace the container and tubing when it starts to look cloudy or changes color.


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