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Neck Exercises: Passive Neck Rotation

Man lying on floor with knees bent and feet flat on floor. Arrows show him breathing deeply.

Man lying on floor pushing against head with one hand on forehead. Head is turned to side.

To start, lie on your back, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Keep your ears, shoulders, and hips aligned, but don’t press your lower back to the floor. Rest your hands on your pelvis. Breathe deeply and relax.

  • With your neck relaxed, place the palm of one hand on your forehead. Use your hand to turn your head to one side until you feel a stretch in the neck muscles. Do not push through pain.

  • Hold for 5 seconds. Then turn to the other side.

  • Repeat 5 times on each side. 

Note: Keep your shoulders on the floor. Don’t lift your chin as you turn your head.


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