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Preventing Falls: Moving Safely Using a Cane or Walker

Keep the cane away from your feet so you don't trip. A walking aid, such as a cane or walker, can help you stay more independent and avoid falls. Remember to keep your walking aid within easy reach when you're in a chair or in bed. And learn how to use it safely so you don't injure yourself. Be sure the cane or walker is the correct height. Hang your arm loosely at your side, and measure the distance from your wrist to the floor. The distance should be the same as the height of your cane or walker.

Using a cane

If you have a stronger side, hold the cane on the side of your stronger leg.

1. Get your balance.

2. Move the cane and your weaker leg forward.

3. Support your weight on both the cane and your weaker side.

4. Step with your stronger leg.

5. Start again from step 1.

If you're using a folding walker, be sure you know how to lock it open. Check that it's locked open before each use.

Using a walker

1. Roll the walker (or lift it, if you're using one without wheels) forward about 12 inches.

2. Step forward with your weaker leg first.

3. Use the walker to help keep your balance.

4. Bring your other foot forward to the center of the walker.

5. Start again from step 1.

Helpful tips

  • Check with your health care provider about the right walking aid to use. Ask about a walker with a seat attached.

  • Check the tips of your cane or walker to make sure they have nonskid covers.

  • Move slowly from room to room. Don't rush.

  • Sit down to get dressed.

  • Use a fanny pack or backpack to keep your hands free.

  • Get help for jobs that mean climbing, even on a stepstool.

  • Do not try going up or down stairs using a walker.


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