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Lung Cancer: Planning for the Future

Man and woman sitting at table looking at electronic tablet.Having a plan for your future can be a great source of comfort. You can help make sure you get the type of care you want. Or, if someone else needs to decide about your treatment, you can choose that person ahead of time. By taking care of these details, you may feel more at ease.

Being in control

Do what you can to stay in control of your illness during and after treatment. Look for information about surviving with cancer. Check the library, look on the Internet, or join a support group. If you want, allow others to become involved in your health, too. Your close friends and loved ones may provide support when you need it most.

Advance medical directives

Advance medical directives are legal statements that explain your healthcare wishes. You can describe which treatments you want or when you want treatment to end. You can also name someone, such as a spouse, a close friend, or a sibling, to make treatment choices for you. Your healthcare provider can provide you with forms and answer your questions.

Hospice care

You may not have a need for hospice care now or in the future. But if a time comes when you are not responding to treatment, hospice can give support. Hospice provides comfort and care when treatments such as chemotherapy are no longer helpful. Hospice can give as little or as much assistance as needed. Using hospice often means you don't need to see the healthcare provider as often, because a hospice care provider can come to your home. This can ease worry not just for you, but for others in your life, too.


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