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Hepatitis C: Getting Support

Couple walking on the beach.Hepatitis C can be a lifelong condition if not treated, but it is curable. You can manage how it affects you. Discussing your health with your healthcare provider and loved ones can help. So can taking steps to help keep yourself healthy. You’ll find that hepatitis C doesn’t have to control your life.

What you can do

Most people with hepatitis C can be cured. Treatment includes taking medicine by mouth. It is faster and more effective than ever before. Treatment will decrease or eliminate your risk of getting complications from the hepatitis C virus. You can do the following:

  • Follow up with your healthcare provider. Learn more about your condition and how to keep yourself healthy. Ask about treatments that may help your body fight hepatitis C virus (HCV).

  • Avoid things that can make hepatitis C worse. Drinking alcohol makes you much more likely to have health problems related to hepatitis C. So does using certain medicines and supplements. By avoiding these, you can greatly increase your chances of staying healthy.

  • Protect others from becoming infected. Learn how HCV spreads from one person to another. Then take steps to keep from spreading the virus to people around you.

Finding support

Talking to others with hepatitis C may help you feel more in control. Join a support group or try the resources below for more information.

American Liver Foundation: 800-465-4837  

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: 800-232-4636

HCV Advocate:

Hepatitis Foundation International: 800-891-0707

National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable:



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