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Discharge Instructions: Using a Walker to Get In and Out of a Car

Your doctor has prescribed a walker for you. To use your walker, you need to learn new ways to get around outside your home. A walker can help you when you get in and out of a car. (Note: If you have had your hip replaced, you may need special instructions. Ask your doctor or physical therapist to show you the best way to move safely.)

Guidelines for Use

  • Watch for obstacles such as pebbles, potholes, or uneven surfaces. Avoid these, if possible.

  • Keep your hands free by using a backpack, fanny pack, apron, or pockets to carry things.

  • Try to park your car on a level surface.

Getting In a Car

  • To sit down:

    • Back up to the open doorway of the car.

    • Hold on to the side of the car or the dashboard for support.

    • Lower yourself slowly onto the seat edge. Watch your head.

  • To bring your legs into the car:

    • Slide back onto the seat so that you are not sitting on the edge.

    • Lift your legs one at a time into the car.

Getting Out of the Car

  • To bring your legs out of the car:

    • Slide to the edge of the car seat.

    • Lift your legs out one at a time. Be sure your legs can reach the ground.

  • To stand up:

    • Place your walker directly in front of you.

    • Hold the crossbar of the walker with one hand and the car seat with the other. (Never try to use only the walker to stand up — it could tip over.)

    • Raise yourself slowly out of the car. Watch your head.


Make a follow-up appointment as directed by our staff.


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