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Discharge Instructions for Chronic Bronchitis

You have been diagnosed with chronic bronchitis. With this condition, you cough up mucus and feel short of breath for 3 months or more each year for at least 2 years in a row.

Home Care

  • Break the smoking habit.

    • Enroll in a stop-smoking program to increase your chances of success.

    • Ask your health care provider about medications or other methods to help you quit.

    • Ask family members to quit smoking as well.

    • Don’t allow smoking in your home or around you.

  • Protect yourself from infection.

    • Wash your hands often. Do your best to keep your hands away from your face. Most germs are spread from your hands to your mouth.

    • Ask your health care provider about a flu shot or pneumonia vaccination.

    • Avoid crowds. It's especially important to do this in the winter when more people have colds and flu.

    • Get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and eat a balanced diet.

  • Take your medications exactly as directed. Don’t skip doses.

  • Talk to your health care provider about ways to keep your mucus thin.

  • Learn postural drainage and percussion, techniques that can help you cough up extra mucus. This extra mucus can trap germs in your lungs.

  • Learn pursed-lip and patterned breathing to help decrease shortness of breath.


Make a follow-up appointment as directed by our staff.


When to Call Your Doctor

Call your doctor immediately if you have any of the following:

  • Shortness of breath, wheezing, or coughing

  • Increased mucus

  • Yellow, green, bloody, or smelly mucus

  • Fever or chills

  • Tightness in your chest that does not go away with your normal medications

  • An irregular heartbeat or feelins of a racing heart

  • Swollen ankles



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