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Hip Fracture Surgery: Types

The type of surgery you have often depends on where the hip is fractured. In some cases, internal fixation is used.  This is when pins, screws, or a rod is placed into the fractured bone to hold it in place as it heals. In other cases, part or all of the hip is replaced. This is done when there is a lack of blood supply to the head of the femur, or if internal fixation is not suitable.

Front view of hip joint showing pins repairing femoral fracture.

Metal pins or large screws are occasionally used to repair fractures along the neck of the femur. The pins are inserted through the bone to keep it stable while it heals.

Front view of hip joint showing compression screw repairing femoral fracture.

A metal compression screw may be used to repair the fracture. As the bone heals, the screw gets tighter. This allows the edges of the bone to grow together.

Front view of hip joint showing rod repairing femoral fracture.

A metal rod or nail may be used if the fracture is along the upper shaft of the femur. The rod is inserted into the bone shaft. A screw keeps the bone edges together as they heal.


Front view of hip joint with total prosthesis in place.

Hip replacement

Artificial parts may be used to replace part or all of the hip joint. For a total hip replacement, a new stem and ball are placed in the femur. These fit into a new cup secured in the pelvis. For a partial hip replacement, only the stem and ball are replaced.


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