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Addiction: Ask Yourself These Questions

Ask yourself the following questions. The answers can help you see where you might have problems caused by substance abuse. Then you can decide whether you’re ready to do something about your use.



Do you ever have trouble remembering things or concentrating on what you’re doing because you’re thinking about using?

Have you ever broken promises because of your substance use?

Have you ever done things when you were using that you wouldn’t normally do?

Have you ever lost a job or had money troubles because of your use?

Do you ever make excuses for your use or lie to hide it?

Does someone make excuses for you when you’re hung over?

Do others ever seem embarrassed about your use?

Have your children ever asked you to stop using or been afraid of you when you are using?

Has your spouse or a girlfriend or boyfriend ever left you because of your use?

Have you ever had sexual problems that might be caused by your use?

Have you ever had severe shaking, heard voices, or thought you were seeing things after you’ve been using?

Have you noticed that you’ve gotten sick more often as you use more?

Have you tried to quit but found you just couldn’t?

If you answer “Yes” to one or more of these questions, you may need to change or stop your substance use.


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