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Radiation Therapy Team

Radiation therapy uses high-energy X-rays to kill cancer cells. This therapy can help you in your fight against cancer. Your radiation therapy team will work with you during your treatment. The team will help you set goals and make a treatment plan. Then they will carry out the treatment. Ask questions when you don’t understand what is happening. And let your team know how you’re doing.

Four health care providers.

Treatment Goals

These can include:

  • Curing cancer

  • Killing cancer cells that remain after surgery, chemotherapy, or both

  • Controlling cancer for a period of time

  • Reducing symptoms of cancer, such as pain

Treatment Plan

Your doctor will evaluate you to make a treatment plan. You will be asked about your health history. You will be examined. Tests may be performed. Then your doctor and the radiation therapy team can pick the exact treatment site. The team decides the amount of radiation to be given. The team also decides the number of treatments you’ll need.

Team Members

  • Radiation oncologist. This is a doctor who specializes in using radiation to treat cancer. He or she leads your treatment and follow-up.

  • Physicist and dosimetrist. These assist with the technical aspects of your care. They calculate the exact dose of radiation you’ll receive. They also help decide the best shape and angles for the treatment beams.

  • Radiation therapist. This person works closely with the oncologist. He or she puts you into position and directs the machine. Then he or she sends the radiation to the cancer site.

  • Radiation oncology nurse. This nurse answers your questions and gives you information about your treatment. He or she also helps you manage side effects.

  • Receptionist. This person greets you when you arrive. He or she gives you information and helps with paperwork. The receptionist can direct your questions to the right team members.


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