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Treating Mallet, Hammer, and Claw Toes

Buying shoes with more room in the toes, filing down corns and calluses, and padding the toe most often relieve the pain. If these steps don’t work, you may need surgery to straighten the toes.



Buy low-heeled shoes with plenty of room in the front. This keeps the toes from being jammed against the end of the shoe. It also keeps the shoe from rubbing the tops of the toes.


Corns and Calluses

To file down a corn or callus, soak your foot in warm water. This softens the hard skin. Dry your foot. Then gently rub the corn or callus with a pumice stone or nail file.

Pads and Splints

If you still have pain, you may need to put a pad or splint on the toe. This helps take pressure off the painful corn or callus.

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