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After Carotid Artery Surgery: At Home

You’ll start feeling back to normal within a day or two of getting home. But don’t forget that you just had surgery. You need to take it easy, even if you feel fine. Follow any instructions your doctor gives you. In most cases, stitches dissolve on their own. 

Older woman sitting in chair, knitting.Speeding Your Recovery

The following tips can help speed your recovery:

  • Spend your first few days relaxing at home. You can read, watch TV, or do other quiet, restful activities.

  • Take medications as instructed.

  • Don’t drive until your doctor says it’s okay. This will most likely take 1–2 weeks.

  • Once your doctor says you can shower again, it’s okay to get the incision area wet. But don’t scrub it.

  • If you shave, be careful around the wound. You may want to use an electric razor.

When to Call Your Doctor

  • Your neck swells.

  • There’s oozing from the wound.

  • An arm or a leg becomes numb or weak.

  • You have sudden changes in vision or loss of vision in one eye.

  • You have trouble speaking.

  • You have a severe headache or eye pain on the same side of the body you had surgery on.


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