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When a Patient Falls

Guiding the fall

Once the momentum has started, it’s almost impossible to stop a patient from falling. By trying to do so, you can injure your back. Instead, guide the patient to the ground; then get help to move the patient back to a bed or stretcher.

Guiding the fall

Help falling patients to the floor with as little impact as possible. If you’re near a wall, gently push the patient against it to slow the fall. If you can, move close enough to “hug” the patient. Focus on protecting the patient’s head as you move down to the floor. Then call for help.

Patient on floor

Moving a fallen patient

Patients who’ve fallen may feel dizzy or faint. Reassure them as you determine whether they’ve been injured. If so, tend to the injury before doing anything else. If the patient isn’t injured, you can prepare for the move back to a bed or stretcher. Get help. Four or more people may be needed.

Step 1. Roll onto blanket

  • Roll the patient onto his or her side.

  • Put a blanket under the patient and roll the patient onto it.

  • Position 2 or more people on each side of the patient.

Lifting patient

Step 2. Lift from floor

  • Kneel on 1 knee and grasp the blanket.

  • On a count of 3, lift the patient and stand up.

  • Move the patient onto a bed or stretcher.

Remember: Be proactive; assess and identify a patient as a fall risk and start intervention to prevent a fall.


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