Women's health


Does your face get warm and turn shades of red when you talk about period, bladder or breast concerns? For some, these are sensitive subjects, but there's really nothing to feel embarrassed about. Fairview Clinics has doctors and nurses who specialize in treating women’s health issues and will put you at ease – and ultimately – make you feel better.

A moment of discomfort = peace of mind 
Most women admit – a mammogram is not nearly as bad as they feared. When you consider 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer – it’s easy to see why a mammogram is so important.
> Get tips to make a mammogram comfortable and schedule your screening.

Gotta go... again? 
If it seems you’re always running to the rest room or dealing with a leaking bladder – you’re not alone. It’s really a common condition. Urine leakage can be a small bother, or a major problem. If it affects you daily, it’s time to talk to a doctor.
> Learn about common problems and treatments, including InterStim® therapy.

Period problems?  
Whatever you call it – that time of the month can be painful, early, late, heavy, light or never ending! Is your period normal or is something wrong? The doctors at Fairview Clinics are skilled at solving puzzling periods.

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