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Advances in surgery improve your experience

Stock_Trauma02_LrgVert_200181773-001Surgery at Fairview Ridges Hospital

When facing surgery, it’s important to know your options and be able to weigh the benefits of each choice. Our board-certified surgeons at Surgical Consultants will take time to understand your concerns, discuss each option and make sure you understand your choices before crafting a surgery plan that’s right for you.

We provide surgical solutions for a wide variety of conditions. We treat, among other conditions: gall bladder disorders, breast and prostate cancers, intestinal, colon, thyroid, appendix, vascular and acid reflux conditions.

Our providers
As one of the Twin Cities’ oldest and most respected surgical groups, Surgical Consultants uses the latest surgical techniques and technologies to care for patients. Our surgeons are well trained in all surgical methods including traditional surgery, laparoscopy (a minimally invasive method where a tiny video camera and surgical blade are inserted through a small incision) and robot-assisted surgery.

Providing great outcomes
Robot-assisted surgeries offer patients many advantages — a faster recovery, a shorter hospital stay and less pain. Our da Vinci® Surgical System can be used for complex surgeries, including cancer and obesity procedures as well as prostate, heart and vascular surgeries.

The best outcome, however, doesn’t always mean relying on robotics. Sometimes new surgical techniques make the difference. Traditional surgery, also called open surgery, coupled with the latest mesh materials  can often be the right solution for patients and allow them to go home the same day. Such is often the case with hernia patients. A hernia happens when a weakness or a tear in the wall of the abdomen allows an organ to stick out. Some are visible as a bulge in the skin while others remain undetected until found by a scan. Anyone can get a hernia, even children. The condition doesn’t always include pain, but leaving a hernia untreated elevates the risk for emergency surgery later.

Specialized in hernia care 
Our surgeons perform more than 2,000 hernia repairs every year and Fairview’s Midwest Hernia Center has been designated as a Center for Excellence for hernia treatment. We’re also recognized as a national leader in sports-hernia procedures, offering many athletes the ability to resume training in a few weeks.

Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer or have been living with a painful hernia, the team at Surgical Consultants is here to offer you exceptional care and create a surgical plan that’s unique to you.

To set up a consult with one of our surgeons at our Burnsville clinic, call 952-435-4140.
We’re conveniently located in the Ridgeview Medical Office Building that’s connected to Fairview Ridges Hospital.

Surgical Consultants, Burnsville
Ridgeview Medical Building

Suite 300
303 E. Nicollet Blvd.
Burnsville, MN 55337

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