Fairview Clinics has your health needs covered - women's health

Preventive screenings are a great start for women to staying in charge of their health. But getting an annual exam and screenings — and taking care of things that need fixing — are just as important to your overall wellbeing. And Fairview Clinics is a great place for you to start!

We've got all of your health needs covered 
  • Annual well-women visits
  • Family planning and child birth
  • Hormonal concerns
  • Mammograms
  • Diabetes, blood pressure and heart health
  • Bone-density screenings
  • Treatment for incontinence and gynecological issues
  • Bone fractures and osteoporosis care
  • Vein solutions and cosmetic enhancements
  • Weight loss
  • Sleep solutions

Our dedicated women’s health specialists deliver expert, individualized care through all stages of a woman’s life. We have physicians who are recognized as some of the nation's best for treating high-risk pregnancies and heart disease.

Watch Bonnie's story about how she thought she was doing everything right, and discovered a surprising diagnosis when her doctor took the time to address her entire health.

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