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Anyone – not just professional athletes – can experience pain or limited range of motion as result of a shoulder injury. Our sports medicine program offers you the same treatments and techniques that keep professional athletes in the game.

Our physicians strive to get you back to the activities you enjoy and give you the same individualized care that the pros receive. So whether your goal is to play catch with the kids, carry groceries without pain, or to enjoy life free from nagging shoulder pain, our sports medicine experts can help.

Individualized care
A shoulder injury can occur as a result of an accident, fall or from chronic pain complications. Jeff Macelana, MD, orthopedic surgeon, says “A rotator cuff tear is a common source of pain. Our goal is to help you regain strength and range of motion, decrease pain and improve function.”

Our sports medicine experts will outline unique activities and recovery goals you. Depending on your age, occupation and typical activity level, we tailor a treatment plan to help you reach your individual goals. We discuss the benefits and recovery timelines, including how to make the most of recovery and rehabilitation, and we listen to you to design a treatment solution that works best for your situation. Solutions might include physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, steroid injection and, if necessary, surgical repair.

“Surgery is not necessarily a first step or recommendation,” says Dr. Macalena. “We take a careful history and exam of each patient. If surgery is indicated, it can often be completed arthroscopically, with a small incision and faster recovery times than with conventional procedures.”
If you have chronic pain or have experienced a shoulder injury, call Fairview Maple Grove Medical Center at 763-898-1000 to make an appointment.

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