Honor Roll of Nurses

Honoring Nurses as our Champions of Care

In honor of National Nurses Week, all of us at Fairview Foundation would like to thank the incredible nurses who have been honored through the Champions of Care program. Each of these men and women was recognized by a patient who made a gift in their honor.

Katherine R. Anderson, RN 
Julie A. Andrzejczak, RN 

Sophia R. Bailey, RN 
Kathleen Beckman, NP 
Pam Berndt, RN 
Niels K. Billund, RN 
Marcy Breeggemann, RN 
Andy Burg, RN 

Heather C. Carroll, RN 
Jamie C. Currell, RN

Mary Dahlberg, RN 
Denise Donais, RN 

Stephanie Elg, RN 
Deanne D. Elleson, RN 
Amanda Engelson, RN 
Danica Evans, RN 

Susan M. Flannigan, NP 
Jessica Foltz, RN 

Shari Germscheid, CNP 

Erich Halberg, RN 
Doreen L. Hanks, RN 
Tiger Heise, RN 
Lorraine H. Hennessy, RN 
Rebecca Hitt, CNP 

Joan Jones, NP 

Teri E. Kast, CNS, AOCN
Laura Konicek, RN 
Signe E. Koukol, RN 
Kendra Koziczkowski, RN 
Jody Kriese, RN 

Brenda L. Lohmer, RN 
Teri Lutz, RN 

Leslie G. Macho, RNP 
Katherine McKenzie, RN 
Allison J. McVay-Steer, CNP 
Betsy Merkel, RN 
Mary E. Meyer, RN  
Lisa M. Mitchell, RN

Jeanette Nelson, RN 
Michelle Nelson, NP 
Paul Novak, RN 

Carolyn S. Oeltjenbruns, FNP 
Cheri O'Hern, RN 
Julianne N. Olsen, RN 
Valerie Overton, CNP, RN
Tammy Plasek, RN 

Angel Ranzau, RN 
Kristofer J. Rebeck, RN 

Tsering Samkhang, CNA 
Jennifer E. Savino, RN 
Jackie Schmidt, RN 
Colleen Sharp, RN  
Susan Smith, RN 
Richard A. Sund, LPN 

Gina Thrapp, RN 
Susan L. Tinebra, RN 
Barbara A. Turner, RN 

Antoinette B. Zobel, RN 

Group honorees
Fairview Southdale Hospital, Station 55
Fairview Southdale Hospital, 8th Floor Nurses
Fairview Southdale Hospital, Station 66
UMMC, Fairview, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurses
Fairview Southdale Hospital, Oncology Nurses
Fairview Southdale Hospital, Radiology Nurses
Fairview Ridges Hospital, Unit MS2 Nurses
Fairview Southdale Hospital, Nursing Staff
Fairview Lakes Medical Center, Oncology Nurses
Fairview Southdale Hospital, Station 88 Nurses

Please note:  This list reflects all gifts received through April 28, 2014. Questions about this list or corrections? Please contact Danielle Bakun-Mixer, 651-917-1635.

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