You help heal the heart

Your donations help patients like Rudy develop habits that improve their quality of life

In 2013, Rudy Maurine welcomed the New Year from a hospital bed. Newly diagnosed with edema and heart failure, Rudy had more than just New Year’s resolutions to think about. “My doctor basically asked me, ‘Do you want to die or do you want to change your lifestyle?’” recalls Rudy.

Rudy was facing an uphill battle. By the time he found himself at Fairview seeking emergency care, he had already been suffering from symptoms for several months. In fact, Rudy’s heart was too weak for the angioplasty that his doctor initially recommended. If Rudy wanted to save his own life, he was going to have to do so through diet, exercise and medication. Fortunately for Rudy, he had plenty of help, thanks to donors like you.

Providing Wellness and Exercise for Life
After Rudy completed his Outpatient Cardiac Rehab, Rudy’s physician referred him to Fairview Rehabilitation Services’ Wellness and Exercise for Life (WEL) program. Specifically designed to help individuals like Rudy develop and reach fitness goals to improve their quality of life, WEL provides medically supervised exercise in a rehabilitation setting. Unlike at commercial fitness centers, at WEL, patients receive a prescribed exercise plan, goal-setting guidance and periodic monitoring.

“Our goal is to help people get moving,” says David Skansberg, director of rehabilitation services at Fairview Ridges Hospital.

“I don’t know what I would have done without WEL,” Rudy says. “I had just completed the first phase of my recovery—my Outpatient Cardiac Rehab—and my first thought was, ‘What do I do now?’”

Your donations make healing possible
While it can be lifesaving and life-changing for the participants involved, WEL’s program fees are not covered by insurance. When cost prevented some patients from getting the support they needed, a donor-supported scholarship fund was established. “Following a medical emergency, finances can be challenging. Our scholarship fund makes it possible for all of our patients—patients like Rudy—to gain access to this important tool. It can really be a gift to those in need,” says David.

Supporting a bright future
And, if you ask Rudy, it’s a gift that just keeps giving. After having lost nearly 50 pounds, Rudy was strong enough this past summer to undergo a medical procedure to place a defibrillator in his heart to treat his heart arrhythmia.

Today, he is feeling better than ever. Says Rudy: “My swelling is down, I’m no longer short of breath, and I come to the gym every day that they’ll take me! When I think about my experience, I realize that I really just lucked out, being referred to this program.”


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