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Donor Mel Hoke (left), with Lauren Lehmkuhl, nursing assistant, Fairview Ridges Hospital, and the first recipient of the Elaine Marie Nelson Hoke Memorial Scholarship.

"I want to inspire others to give."
— Mel Hoke, donor
Mel Hoke honored his late wife's memory by helping a new generation advance.

When longtime Fairview nurse Elaine Hoke passed away, her husband, Mel, and her coworkers immediately knew they wanted to honor the memory of this very special woman, a mentor to many who always went out of her way to help others.

And they found a meaningful—and lasting—way to do so by creating the Elaine Marie Nelson Hoke Memorial Scholarship, which is now awarded each year to help a promising nursing student follow in Elaine's professional footsteps.

To fund the scholarship, Elaine's loved ones needed to get creative. Her coworkers at University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview put their heads together and got to work on a spirited grassroots fundraising campaign. Garage sales, bake sales, craft sales, individual donations—all played a major role in supporting the scholarship fund. "The cardiac unit's efforts were tremendous," says Mel.

As a result, together with Mel's own generous donation, they were able to create the endowment that funds the scholarship today and will sustain it long into the future.

 "I want to inspire others to give," says Mel.

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