Why I give: Bob Solheim

How support from community members like you is making a difference

When asked why he supports Fairview Southdale Hospital, Bob Solheim reports that it’s all about giving back. “This has been an opportunity to be a part of this great hospital and, in some small way, to give back to this organization for the fine, outstanding care that my family and I have received over the years,” says Bob.

And give he has—Bob has given of his time, treasure and talent for more than 10 years and worn a variety of hats. From his past position as chair of the Fairview Southdale Hospital Board of Trustees to his current role as chair of the Fairview Southdale Hospital Patient Care and Experience Committee, service to the hospital has been part of Bob’s life for over a decade.

“One of the things that has so appealed to both my wife and me, is that we are aligned with the values of Fairview—values like dignity, service and compassion,” says Bob. “Those values are lived out every day by the Fairview staff and volunteers. So we’re pleased to be able to do our part and contribute in the best way that we can.”

Most recently, Bob and his wife made a generous gift to the new Carl N. Platou Emergency Center at Fairview Southdale Hospital. The new expanded facility will be more than four times larger than the current emergency department, providing new areas designed to meet the future emergency needs of our growing community. The support of Bob, and donors like him, is making this important project possible.

But according to Bob, when he gives, he also receives. “The more that I feel I have offered the hospital, the more I’ve received in return,” says Bob. “It makes me feel like I’ve played a small part in helping others in our community.”


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