You helped save Ben!

Behind every visit to Fairview Southdale Hospital's emergency department, there is a powerful story like the Mathers family's, waiting to be told.

"I will never forget the image of Ben in the ER at Southdale, the word from the doc that he had a cardiac problem and their tenacity in keeping him alive," says Heidi, mother of 16-year-old Ben, a Fairview Southdale emergency department patient brought to Fairview in full cardiac arrest.

During a game of disc golf, Ben collapsed as the result of a serious heart condition. Fortunately for Ben and his family, Ben was rushed to Fairview Southdale Hospital, where our team was on hand to provide life-saving care that not only preserved his life but also—amazingly—prevented life-altering complications like brain damage or permanent disabilities.

The success of Ben's treatment can be credited, in large part, to the fact that he was brought to Fairview Southdale, one of the top cardiovascular centers in the United States. Treating more than 500 heart attack patients each year, Fairview Southdale has been recognized in three of the past five years as having the best heart patient outcomes in the state of Minnesota.

Says Heidi: "I feel gratitude for all the people that were in the right place at the right time, who knew what they needed to do...and used the technologies that would preserve everything about Ben that we adore and cherish."

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