Experience with Youth Grief Services

“This was a wonderful experience for my daughter and me. She found other teens who shared her experience in losing a parent. The adult education class was an excellent resource in learning to help guide my kids through their grief process.”

“This service has really helped our family communicate after the tragic loss of my wife.”

“I searched and searched and haven’t found a better, more comfortable place for both me and my children. I drive 1 ½ hours each week, each way – it’s worth every minute of the drive!”

“Our son did not want to come to the group when we told him about it. He put up quite a fuss. But when we picked him up after the first night, he said he really liked the group. After the third or fourth night, he said he felt it was really helping him deal with his grandparents’ death. It was also helping him with the anger he is feeling.”

“Speaking for myself and my daughter, the groups we were in during this seven week period were very helpful to both of us.  We both needed a place to go where we were with others who understood and accepted how we were feeling.”

“Everyone needs a place where we are educated in the ways of grief and have the opportunity to express their feelings.  My teen loved it!”

“I am so thankful for this group. This has helped me and my children so much–I don’t know what we would do without it. We have all learned so much!”

“This series gave me more confidence as a mom to support my 8 year-old daughter while she is grieving the death of her father.  Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.”

“My boys really enjoy coming to 'grief group'. They learn and feel like they belong, too. I like knowing that they are getting so much from it.”

“I saw a noticeable difference in my 4 year-old’s attitudes and feeling about her father’s death.  I could see and hear that this group helped her feel better about her daddy dying-knowing that other children her age have lost their mom or dad too.”

“Highly recommend for anyone with children dealing with grief. The children have a comfort level knowing there are others in their situation. They no longer feel like they are the only ones and alone.”

“On the third week, our family was given a poster depicting several feelings. On the 35 minute drive home, my 12 year-old, 9 year-old and I had a bittersweet conversation regarding those emotions in relation to their dad’s death. I will always be grateful for that poster and that conversation!”

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