Eye exams and eyewear

Oh, say can he see?
School vision screenings don’t always detect all eyesight problems, and may miss issues that are intermittent or related to eye-tracking (how the child’s eyes follow words). Since eyesight can impact school performance—and one in four children has trouble seeing—it’s important to watch for the signs that your child might have a problem, including:

• Frequent headaches
• Eye rubbing
• Squinting or straining
• Sitting closely to the television
• Using a finger to read
• Trouble copying words from the board
• Skipping words while reading
• Losing their place while reading
• Trouble understanding what they’re reading
• Eye redness or tearing

If you suspect that your child has problems seeing, talk with your family medicine doctor or pediatrician, or schedule a vision exam with a Fairview optometrist.

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